Install a Google Chrome extension, such as MozBar or Keyword Surfer, to explore relevant keywords. These tools allow you to conduct keyword research right from your browser while viewing SERPs. Learn more about the importance of SEO when it comes to digital marketing and how to improve your site’s SEO strategy.

Brooke serves as the Director of Growth Marketing at Smith Micro Software, with over 10 years of paid media experience. In every case, what’s right for your brand will depend on many factors, like the ones presented above. The two can, and should, work together to maximize your online presence and supercharge sales and leads. Investing in SEO in a competitive industry is still well worth the effort.

For example, over 70% of watch time on YouTube happens on mobile devices. While some people can watch an hour-long video on a small screen, this figure shows how important it is to know your audience. We also recommend using hashtags in your YouTube description, but don’t go overboard; the YouTube algorithm constantly checks for spam.

How does SEO in digital marketing work?

Blogging can be an incredible way to rank for keywords and engage your website’s users. After all, every blog post is a new web page and an additional opportunity to rank in SERPs. If your business does not already have a blog, consider creating one. Let’s say a swimming pool business is trying to rank for “fiberglass pools,” which receives 110,000 searches per month.

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Number of websites blocking Google-Extended jump 180%

That’s why securing your website and always keeping an eye on your website’s backlinks is extremely important. These are extremely safe SEO tactics used by all the SEO experts around the world to improve their search rankings.

Off-page SEO is extremely important because it tells search engines like Google that your website is important to others on the web. If you want to improve your website trust signals, off-page SEO plays a key role. There are a few different types of search engine optimization tactics used by most people. Your page design, navigation, and loading speed impacts how easily your audience and crawlers can use and understand your website. When your website loads quickly and ensures that users can easily find the information they need, you can help your site rank higher in the SERPs. The crawling mechanism follows the links on pages too, which act as trails across the web. If your website isn’t easy to locate by the crawlers, they can remain invisible to search engines and left off the index.

Extensive keyword lists can be overwhelming, so using a keyword clustering tool to help group similar opportunities can be useful. You can also export a CSV file and use filters to identify opportunities once you spot patterns for yourself. Here are more details on how to get the most out of a content or keyword gap analysis. The more challenging part is selecting the right competitors and interpreting the results. You can use Semrush and Ahrefs by either pulling it automatically or using a separate report to identify close competitors in the SERPs.

It can cross-reference hundreds of thousands of sources to determine whether you’re an authority in the field. SEO these days isn’t just about writing SEO-optimized content and hoping the algorithm will discover you. You could also use a tool such as Answer the Public to find questions and related terms. With SEO, what matters most is not just that your page ranks — but that the right user finds you and ends up becoming a customer .

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This goes beyond just your content marketing to the deeper levels of your site’s HTML. Once you have a group of loyal fans and followers, your organization can work to create different types of media to attract and engage new leads. However, creating brand new content is not the only way to keep your content fresh.